Have you ever met Phill Jackson?


I'm just finishing off my homework.

When I hear this song, I cry.

Heat is rippling through my body.

Where to afterwards?

Edmond and Rex have been married for three years.


Leonard backed out of the driveway.

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Reports said they came close to a settlement.


I've never been very good at playing the piano.

I'd like to engage in foreign trade in the future.

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

Lunch is at noon.

I spent all day yesterday with them.

I want you to know how sorry I am.

Linda was Dan's girlfriend at that time.

Don't you miss your father?

He needs a straight.

What is there in your bedroom?

Ellen gave me this.

They heard Sarah.

Are they talking about them?


If you had never gone to Boston, you wouldn't have met Jane.

I'm a little drunk.

Isaac likes the smell of popcorn popping.

Has Lucy already called?

I prefer mittens to gloves.

That's what I was thinking.

Finally, we arrived in England.


Shakespeare is recognized to be the greatest dramatist.

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Everything is better without you.

Who's your favorite figure skater?

The office staff worked quickly and efficiently to resolve the problem.

Paola had no way of knowing when Stefan would arrive.

She accomplished the task through sheer will.


I woke up when the phone rang.


Chris stayed out late last night.

Truth is, I don't like him.

Kriton is nice, isn't he?

The man looked at me.

I will say.

He's poor, but he has a good soul.

Let's sit by the fireplace.


Does the story have a happy ending?

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Could you come to my quarters?


I don't like to wash dishes.


I'd like to be fluent in French.


Do you need the book?

They don't understand me when I speak German.

I preferred wearing my Hawaiian T-shirt and green shorts to be cool and different, but I quickly got used to the white shirt and black slacks.

Dan asked Linda how she became interested in archeology.

These books and clothes are all yours.

What planet do you live on?

I'm not going to tell you where Fred is.


She is a lively girl.


Almost no girls play video games.

Dennis didn't frighten me.

I think Karl is courageous.

Susan unscrewed the cap and handed the jar to Hon.

Stop pulling my hair.


I'm going to take Greg home.

I am proud of being relative with Hungarians.

A bull is male and a cow is female.

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I know of a place that you like.

Alexis wants to make sure Glenn knows what she's supposed to do.

Can anybody tell me how to do this?

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It looks like we have everything.


Mason is an obvious flight risk.

We will be landing in 15 minutes.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be with you, God willing.

Please let me know the confirmation number you were told when you reserved the room.

If you put more tea-leaves in the teapot, the tea will taste better.


I told her to come visit us.

Hsi died at home.

Lana is standing over there near the fireplace.

They need this.

Vance trusted us.

Let's save the environment!

What in the world is this?

I told Geoffrey he was a coward.

You have got it.

Your reply is wrong.

Don't mention it to Tanaka.


According to the thermometer, it's about thirty degrees, but it's really humid so it feels much hotter than that.

This kind of blanket needs good airing.

Thad's speech was quite entertaining.

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What is it you'd like to know?

He is always smoking.

Where will you be?

Are you sure you want to leave now?

You can't finish this project.

Allan found tire tracks in the mud.

Translate a sentence several times from one language to another and you'll find yourself with something totally different from the original.

I want to go home as much as you do.

The laws apply to everyone irrespective of race, creed or color.

Coleen couldn't care less what Tarmi thinks.

He put the box on the table.

I am growing a cat.

Ramsey brushed the snow from his coat.

What serious contemplation are you in?

One out of three people in this city owns a car.

We're going to win.

This is the room where the body was found.

If you want quality, pay for it.

They needed to make a decision - an immediate decision.


In order to improve your language skills, try to find books written in the language you are learning.

Ahmed has done nothing to be ashamed of.

My friend, what's making you this sad today?

I wish you could stay.

Don't play around on your way back home.

Reiner seems very happy.

Can you throw these out for me?

The evening before the wedding, Myrick was still calm as a cucumber.

Thank you very much for the answer, it inspires new hope.

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Are there enough chairs?

How is that different than what I just said?

I'm only bringing personal items.

So, what do you think?

She needs a little cheering up.


I think Louie knows the truth about what happened.

You've dropped your pen.

They set out with a guide just in case they lost their way.

He was rubbing his hands over the report of the result.

More and more people search methods of natural medicine.

How many people are in there?

How did you handle the situation?

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You really do have a beautiful smile.

Tobias. That's my name.

I don't suppose you'd consider helping Nou.

Edward stared at Raul in horror.

I'm going to make sure that won't happen.

In doing anything, you must do your best.

Why are you staring at me like that?

Lynne is peeling the potatoes.

Everybody's looking at me.

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Siping is worried about what Brender is doing.

We are having trouble with our new neighbor.

He doesn't listen to me.

We've got a first aid kit.

I wanted to apologize to them.


I haven't seen her in a while.

Ruth must be home by 2:30.

This guitar belongs to me.


We are in need of some food.

We must not rest on our laurels!

She went blind.

It was an awesome accomplishment.

That's not the way it happened at all.


This is the most recent picture of Hank I could find.

Carlo is mowing his front lawn.

An alternative is possible.

I'm right behind you.

Donna is going to leave tomorrow morning.


Hey, how much does one pound of these oranges cost?

Why don't we talk about this over dinner?

When parents are far away from their children, there is nothing they can do about their safety or welfare.

I'll ask them to join you.

Luxembourg is called "Luxembourg" in French.

The mayor is said to be on the take.

Rolf was Beverly's first wife.

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It is difficult to be nobody.

I did something similar.

Ti forgot to call Arthur yesterday evening.


Give me the cup of coffee!

- Never mind the milk, comrades! - cried Napoleon, placing himself in front of the buckets. - That will be attended to. The harvest is more important.

Brent sees things differently.